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 Block A, level 3, Room 355

 Food Science Building

30 Computers


Tel. (490) 3428

Department of Chemistry





Room  120, First Floor

Kane Building

currently being upgraded

Click here for the 2007/2008 Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory Teaching Timetable 


Access: The Intel and Dell Chemistry Computer Laboratories are reserved for the exclusive use by Chemistry students and staff. Students from other departments do not have access to the labs, except with special permission for limited and predefined periods. There are many other freely available computer laboratories on campus including wireless access for all students, see Student IT Services.

Facilities: All computers run Windows XP, have full internet access, have the complete Microsoft Office suite, Chemical drawing programs, data analysis tools and a host of Chemistry orientated software installed. The electronic version of the current First Year textbook  'The Central Science (9th Edition) by Brown, LeMay and Bursten' containing many multimedia examples and demonstrations and special UCC-developed first year tutorials are available on all computers. Printing is available in both labs @ 10c a page. A scanner and a data projector are available on request . Booking and details from Mick Horgan, tel.3428 or email

Do's and Don'ts

 Log off and leave the computer switched on when finished. Do not bring or consume any kind of food or drink into the lab.
Take disk or CD from drive when finished. No file-sharing software may be used.
Read UCC's Computer Usage Policy Do not play games or browse offendable web sites. The headphones are provided for use with educational software.
Please report software or hardware faults immediately. Tel 3428 or email Do not place any files, folders or shortcuts onto the desktop

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Suggestions for improvements to this Laboratory are always welcome. Please send email to  ICCL.

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