First Science students from the CAO entry groups CK402, CK403, and CK404 may take Chemistry in First Year. The course pursued is a common one with lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes covering the basics of Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry. In addition, students have access to computer-based tutorials on several aspects of the course in the Intel Chemistry computer laboratory. Students from either CK402 or CK403 who pass the First Science Examination may enter Second Science Chemistry and proceed to a BSc Honours Degree in Chemistry.

2001/2002 First Year Lecture and Practical Timetables:

Examples of previous exams:

            Summer 2000 CM1000 complete exam

            Summer 2000 CM1001 complete exam  

            Summer 2000 CM1002 complete exam  

            (CM1001 and CM1002 exams require Adobe Acrobat Reader and are accessible only within UCC)

Examples of previous Multiple Choice Question exams:

            Physical Chemistry MCQ  January 2001


First Year Lecture Notes:

    FJL Lecture Notes (CM1000B 2001/2002):

            Lecture 1    Lecture 2  Lecture 3  Lecture 4  Lecture 5  Lecture 6  Lecture 7  Lecture 8  Lecture 9  Lecture 10  Lecture 11


    ONiD/SEL Lecture Notes   [CM1000(A&B) and CM1003 2001/2002]:

            Week 9    Week 10    Week 11    Week 12


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