Block A, level 3, Room 355

 Food Science Building

Department of Chemistry



Tel. 4903428


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The Department of Chemistry owns 30 networked PCs located in Block A, level 3, Room 355, Food Science Building (adjacent to Bon Secours Hospital, College Road). The computers and the networking hardware were kindly donated by Intel Ireland Ltd., Leixlip, Co. Kildare. We also obtained a promise of hardware upgrades in approx. three-year cycles.

Computer Specification: Intel 166 MHz MMX Processor, 32 MByte Random Access Memory, 2.6 GByte hard disk, 16X CD-ROM and 17" monitor with a maximum resolution of 1600x1200.

Installed Software:

Suggestions (and funding) for software are always welcome: Send email to Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory.

Prof. W.B. Jennings, Prof. G.G. Guilbault, Prof. T.R. Spalding, UCC President Michael Mortell and Intel Corporation Vice President Frank McCabe at the official opening of the Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory on the 29th May 1998: 

Seconds after the Occasion

Please also note the post graduate students Yvonne Collins, Lorraine Neville and Maureen Kelly, Chemistry Department.


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