Jim retired from his post as stores co ordinator in the Chemistry Department on Friday 16th May 2003 after serving the University for almost 49 years. Jim joined the College Staff during the presidency of Dr. A.O'Reilly in September 1954 and has served the University under Seven Presidents. Jim has worked in a number of areas of College and has been a member of the Chemistry Department for over 30 years. Throughout his working life he has been involved in  Trade Union Activities. His commitment, loyalty and Dedication to the University in general and to the Chemistry Department in particular has been outstanding. A very large gathering of his colleagues attended room 320 to give Jim a well deserved send off. Guest of Honour at the party was his wife Nell. Head of the Department Brian Jennings presented Jim with a plaque on behalf of the University  while John Caffrey made a presentation on behalf of the College Staff. Work colleague Chrissie O'Flaherty  presented Nell with a bouquet of Flowers. The party was arranged by the TASC Committee of the department.

Retirement of JIM ALLEN