Lecture notes CM3024, Dr. M. Pravda, 2013 - 2014


Lecture 1 - Introduction to analytical chemistry, Aim and scope of analytical chemistry, Analytical procedure, Sampling methods, Classification of analytical methods.

Lecture 2 - Sample preparation methods - Dilution, Preconcentration, Decomposition, Derivatisation.

Lecture 3 - Tools of the trade

Lectures 4-5 - Wet methods of Analysis - Gravimetry, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Volumetric methods, Acid-base titrations, pH of aqueous solutions of weak acids and bases, Titration curves, Acid-base indicators, pH at the equivalence, Buffers, Titration of polyprotic acids, Primary Standards in acidimetry and alkalimetry, Fractional Composition Diagrams, Complexometric titrations with EDTA.

Lecture 6 - Redox titrations.


Lecture 7 - Introduction to electrochemistry, charge, potential, current, conductivity, mobility, resistance, electrochemical cells, EMF, anode, cathode, Gibbs free energy and EMF, the Nernst equation, equilibrium constant, standard reduction potential, Potentiometry, Reference electrodes, membrane electrodes, glass pH electrode, direct potentiometry, potentiometric titration

Lecture 8 - Conductometry, molar conductivity, weak and strong electrolytes, direct conductometry, conductometric titrations, introduction to voltammetric methods and electrochemical reactions


Lectures 9-10 - Basic statistics, Univariate methods, data, errors, probability distributions, mean, standard deviation, variance, relative standard deviation, standard error of measurement, confidence intervals, order statistics, median, quartiles, boundaries, box graph, outliers, skewness, curtosis, uncertainty propagation.

Lecture 11 - Calibration, Bivariate data, Linear Regression, slope, intercept, Non-Linear Regression, least squares method, analysis of residuals, regression model, heteroscedasticity, correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, iteration, convergence

Lecture 12 - Statistical testing


Table of pKa values of common acids and bases

List of common pH indicators - structure, transition point, colour change

List of common redox indicators - structure, transition point, colour change

About buffer solutions

Free statistics textbook


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