2nd Annual Poster Session for 4th-year Chemistry B.Sc Students

 4th-year chemists had the opportunity to show off  their scientific and design skills in the annual “Poster Session” on 19th December 2001. The event was held in the Aula Maxima and was accompanied by the type of refreshment that chemists otherwise term ethanol and carbohydrate.

Once again both the chemical compounds and the cash prizes for the two best Posters were sponsored by the International Company, Lilly: Answers That Matter. , the company that creates and delivers innovative medicines. So many thanks to them!!

As in 2000, when the inaugural session was held, both Departmental academic staff and the external judges (Dr Humphrey Moynihan and Dr. Erik Chelius) were highly impressed with the standards in all three themes: Synthesis& Mechanism, Materials & Structure and Environmental & Analytical.

Brian Daly and Michael O’Dwyer  won  prizes for best posters with the entries: “Atmospheric Chemistry of Aromatic Aldehydes” and “Environmental Chamber Studies of Dimethylphenols” and were able to buy lots of Christmas gifts (socks, CDs and  aftershave mainly) last month.

So, if you are a current 3rd-year chemist, get ready for December 2002 when you will be a part of sights like those shown in the accompanying photographs.

John Sodeau, ????????Fergus Lalor, ????????John Wenger, Richard Farrell, Anita Maguire, Paul O'DriscollVivienne Lee, Marguerite MaloneyPaul O'Driscoll, Simon Lawrence, Erik Chelius (Lilly)JennyMoriarty, Eoin Riordan, Claire MM SmithDan McCarthy, Marguerite MaloneyDeclan Kennedy (Education), Derek FraherDonal Lyons, Kevin RyanBrian Daly, Grainne Clifford, Gerard Rea