UCC Chemistry Researcher wins Major International Chromatography Prize - the Horvath Award presented to Norma Scully at HPLC2006 in San Francisco


The award was presented to Norma Scully at the closing Plenary session of the international conference in San Francisco, on Thursday last June 22nd. 

Her presentation was entitled ‘Supercritical Fluid Generated Stationary Phases for Liquid Chromatography and Capillary Electrochromatography’, was chosen for the award from twenty international Horvath Award nominees.


Already an IRSCET Embark scholarship holder, this latest success follows her 2005 AGB prize as the best Analytical Chemistry speaker at the 57th Irish Universities Research Colloquium, held at NUI Maynooth.  Norma is completing her PhD research in the Analytical Chemistry Division, Chemistry Department, UCC, in the Innovative Chromatography group, led by Professor Jeremy Glennon and Dr. Liam Healy.


The International Symposium and Exhibition on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2006 )  was held in the San Francisco Marriott on June 17-22, in the heart of  “everyone’s
favorite city” San Francisco. 

The Symposium is the largest meeting in the US and the world dedicated to the needs and interests of analytical chemists, bio-chemists, molecular biologists and other practitioners of separations sciences.

 Symposium chairman John Frenz, stated that the meeting had

grown over the years to become the largest meeting in the world dedicated to liquid phase separation

science.  Separations science he describes as a dynamic, continually evolving discipline with a broad scope that comprises advances in all types of liquid phase separations from preparative and analytical chromatography to micro-fluidic techniques. Special emphasis in HPLC 2006 was placed on pharmaceutical,  biotechnology and life sciences (including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.) fields that have been transformed by HPLC and

related separations and analytical techniques.


The HPLC series, furthermore, has had an enduring focus on the contributions of scientists early in their careers. This meeting continues that focus by stocking the lecture program with young scientist presenters. The spotlight on these presenters has been further enhanced by the introduction of the Csaba Horváth Memorial Award for the best lecture presentation by a scientist under the age of 35. This award recognizes the contributions made by Professor Horváth to HPLC as a technology, along with his abiding interest in fostering the careers of young scientists in a number of disciplines. This year the award has 20 possible winners, attesting to the significance of the contributions of the up-and-coming generation of





At the HPLC2006 Symposium and to honor the memory, the purpose of the award is to recognize and reward the presenter of an outstanding lecture by a young scientist at the HPLC2006 Symposium. To honor the memory of Csaba Horváth and recognize his contributions to HPLC, including his interest in fostering the careers of young people in separations science and engineering. The award is a cash grant of $1,000 US. The winner will also be invited to give an oral presentation at HPLC-2008. This is the first year for this competition that will hereafter be held biannually. The award is sponsored by HPLC, Inc. All

presenters of oral contributions who are less than 35 years of age at the time of the lecture are eligible for consideration.

The criteria for voting should include: originality of the research,

quality of the scientific results, quality of the presentation, and knowledge and skill in addressing audience