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 15th December 2004: Congratulations to the winners of this year's  4th Year Poster Session 2004* Aoife O'Mahony (section: Environmental & Analytical, supervisor: D. Arrigan, title: Sensors from electrified liquid-liquid interfaces), Noeleen Galvin (section: Life, supervisor: J.J. Keating, title: To explore the impurities which arise from the Leuckart reaction of 1-(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-2-propanone), Gary Noonan (section: Materials & Structure, supervisor S. Lawrence, title: Investigation of the effect of substituents on intermolecular hydrogen bonding) and Marian O'Gorman (section: Environmental Chemistry, supervisor: J. Moriarty, title: The chemical composition of particulate matter in Cork city) *sponsored by Lilly (Kinsale, Co. Cork).

13th December 2004: This year's Analytical Xmas-Dinner took place in Curran's. Some photos from the event are here.

9th October 2004: UCC Open Day: The Chemical Sciences and Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds stands,     thanks to all involved!


8th October 2004: Anyone running Windows XP, who has not yet upgraded to Service Pack 2, should do so now, as this update significantly improves overall security. You can use  Windows Update, or run it from here (only within UCC). Please note that F-Secure needs a small patch for Service Pack2, which can be downloaded and run  from here.


27th September 2004: Please read or download the ORGANIC CHEMISTRY STUDENT BOOK LIST (First Teaching Period).


27th September 2004: Welcome to all First Year Chemistry students! This website is an active and an as-up-to-date-as-possible website. Navigate to the First Year webpages by using the left pane. Keep checking the these pages for updates, timetables, lecture notes, general information and more ...

There are two Chemistry-owned computer laboratories, which all Chemistry students have access to. These all run Windows XP and have full internet access. Use chem as the username and leave the password blank. Printing is available at 5c per page. The Intel lab (Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory) with 30 computers is situated in the Food Science Building, Block A, level 3, Room 355, in which a lot of computer-based teaching is carried out, including First Year Computer aided tutorials, the time table is available online. The second computer laboratory, the Dell lab with 16 computers is situated within the Chemistry Department, Room 110, Kane Building. This lab is normally not used for teaching, i.e. should be available at all times. Please note that the CD accompanying the first year textbook, Chemistry: The Central Science (9th Edition) by Brown, LeMay and Bursten is available online on all computers. The many scientific movies, 3D visualisations and demonstrations make this a very valuable resource for newcomers to Chemistry. Students requiring further information can send an email to or ring (490)3428.


23rd September 2004: 4th Year Chemistry Students please note that P1 project descriptions are now on the web. Project selection will take place at 12:00 on Monday 27th September in laboratory 319, 3rd floor Kane (Science) Building.

11th September 2004: Four Decades of Electrochemistry, a symposium held in honour of Prof. Declan Burke on the 11th September, from 10 a.m. in G2, Kane Building. All are welcome! Please download or view the Programme here.


26th August 2004: The 2004/2005 Intel Lab timetable is now online. Please check your times and dates!!



10th August 2004: The analytical Summer BBQ 2004 - a raving success - take a look at some photos or watch the video ....

29th July 2004: During the summer months it is very important to keep Windows up to date by using Windows Update, as well as the f-secure antivirus  program. Antivirus alone is not safe enough to withstand current computer attacks. Please switch off computers that are not required. You can also update and improve security of your Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...) by using Office Update.


28th July 2004: Prof. Declan Burke's Chemistry Department Retirement Ceremony took place today. Photos from the occasion are currently only available from within UCC: click  here.


19th July 2004: The Intel  and Dell  lab computers are in the process of obtaining the Windows XP operating system. Mad_scientist_3.gif - (6K)Please remove documents/data from any of these computers by 15th August as all computers will obtain a fresh installation. All software required for teaching will be reloaded, as far as these programs are compatible with Windows XP and available to us. Please notify or about any software you would like included. for teaching purposes.


     July 5th:   SUMMER CAMP  04,  Photos

                            June 14-17th    ACCESS PROGRAMME   results and photos       

16th June 2004: Viewing of Exam Scripts will take place on Friday 25th June 2004. Students may apply through the Department to view the examination scripts. Please apply for viewing by  Wednesday 23rd June 2004 at 5.00pm in hard copy only, i.e. by hand, post, or fax (details) . Electronic copies via e-mail will NOT be accepted! Please download and print a copy of the application form. Arrangements for the day can be viewed here.

9th June 2004: Congratulations to this years 4th Year Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds class!

 8th June 2004: Congratulations to this years 4th Year Chemistry class!

5th MAY 2004              photos of all the schools plus results

27th April 2004: Goodbye to Jean Foley and Hello to Denis Duggan .

Denis Duggan has recently been appointed to the Post of Technical Operative.



25th March 2003, 3 p.m.:

Prof. L.D. Burke's last lecture before his retirement later this year:

. Thanks to Prof. J.D. Glennon for taking the photos.


4th March 2004: The Bagle-J virus has hit the Chemistry Department more than 10 times since yesterday due to its clever implementation using and similar as the sender of the virus-containing emails. F-Secure detects the virus since 03.03.2004. The virus does not do any direct harm to the infected computer, instead it uses the computer with its own email program to send out spam across the globe. You can check for (and remove) this virus with this tool from Symantec  or use a  fast tool from Bitdefender. /mj


1st March 2004: The Dell lab (Kane 121) has a new colour printer. Due to the high price of ink cartridges there is a cost of  5 cent per page.


25th February 2004: A Data Projector Timetable for the Chemistry/Education department jointly-owned projector is now online at


4th February 2004: The first version of the Mobile IT Classroom Pilot Project web site can now be viewed.


12th January 2004: The Final Stage of the Introduction of Datalogging into Undergraduate Teaching has been achieved.

All ~500 first year chemistry students have joined the higher grades in using computers attached to their experimental setup. This was achieved by the equipping a further 2 teaching laboratories (lab123 and G31) with computers. The technology used here represent the - Science Faculty sponsored - Apple Mobile Classrooms with attached USB sensors which were recently purchased by our Department. The Mobile Classrooms are portable trolleys with each 11 or 12 Apple iBooks. The iBooks are equipped to use wireless technology for both printing and full internet access.  Thanks to the Computer Centre, especially their Learning Technology Unit, the wireless access is now available on all floors of the Chemistry side of the Kane Building (signal strength may vary depending on position). The Software installed on these iBooks include Microsoft Office X (Word, Excel, Powerpoint..), Pasco Datastudio (for the datalogging experiments), Endnote, Sigmaplot and various others packages including the Apple iSuite of Software. The battery power of the laptops is more than sufficient to last the full 3-hour practicals. Students also have the option of sending their data to their (web-based) email addresses for further evaluation with the DataStudio Student Homework Pak (these CDs are supplied free of charge). Please feel free to visit the laboratories during the afternoons (2-5 on Mon., Thu., Fri, 3-6 on Tue, Wed.) in the coming weeks.

        Please note that these laptops are now also available for other teaching purposes. A web-based timetable is currently been set up. Further software, if required, can also be installed. No cabling of any sort is required and a teacher-laptop with Remote Desktop can also be used, if desirable. The laptops have instant-on (no time delay) and automatically connect to the internet by using Internet Explorer or Safari (Safari is Apple's own web browser). A website, specifically for the mobile classrooms, will shortly be launched and announced here and on UCC's main website. For further queries send email to

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