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17th June 2008: Instructions to gain access to the Chemistry Network Drive can be obtained here. cbdu1101 download



14th December 2007: The new Chemistry website has been launched. If all interested could please spare some time and send corrections/amendments and suggestions to and


9th January 2008: Bookings are now taken for the new Intel Meeting room, check timetable here.


12th December 2007:  


John Caffrey, recently retired chief technician of the Chemistry Department, was conferred with an

Honorary MSc in Applied Science,  see main UCC News section.

The entire speech given by Prof. A. Maguire can be viewed here.



12th December 2007:  The 2007/2008 4th year Poster Prize Winners, pictured with Prof. A. Maguire and Lilly's Kevin Lydon are ...

Our sincere thanks go to Lilly S.A., Kinsale, Co. Cork for sponsoring the occasion and the prizes.


Dry Chemistry section:

Thomas Gleeson 1st (sup. M. Pravda) and Graham O'Mahony 2nd (sup. J. Wenger)


Wet Chemistry section:

Emma Jennings 1st (sup. F. McCarthy) and Robert Fitzgerald 2nd (sup. J. Holmes)


Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds section:

Paddy Buckley 1st (sup. S. Kerins) and   Lili Zheny 2nd  (sup. J.J. Keating)


The Pfizer Pharmaceutical Prize was won by:

           Catherine Slattery


8rd December 2007: Some images from this year's Cheese and Wine can be viewed here.

15th November 2007:  Congratulations to Prof. Mick Morris and Dr. Justin Holmes on their role in two clusters involving nanomaterials and congratulations to Dr. Humphrey Moynihan, Dr Simon Lawrence and Professor Anita Maguire on their role in the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster involving drug delivery. For full details of the €20 million received from SFI for cutting edge research in a number of key areas, please click here.


14th November 2007: The new Chemistry website will be launched soon. It will have the look and feel of the UCC main web site and most of the content has been refreshed and updated. It is hosted by the computer centre servers, our webmasters are Dean Venables and Dave Otway (i.e. they did all the work). The 'old' website will continue to exist mainly as an intranet (UCC or Chemistry-only content), and to a lesser extent for internet content. Please take a minute or two to check the new web pages (after launch) as your feedback is highly valuable. Please report any errors, suggestions and/or send new content to Dave or Dean.


8th October 2007:  Congratulations to John Hanrahan who picked up the prestigious ‘outstanding innovation’ award at the recent Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneurs Competition in Cork. John was awarded the prize for his commitment to commercialise research that originated from the laboratories of Prof Michael Morris and Dr Justin Holmes. John has recently been appointed as CEO of Glantreo Ltd.


7th October 2007:  A new version of ChemDraw, now renamed to ChemBioDraw 11 has been released and is available to everyone in UCC via our site license program, click here to obtain it.


3rd October 2007: The Chemistry library for Pasco DataStudio can be downloaded here.


24th September 2007: A warm welcome to all new Chemistry Students. Don't forget to check the new First Year Chemistry website.


19th September 2007: A 28 page Blackboard Instructor's Getting Started manual and a 310 page Full Blackboard Instructor's manual for all newcomers are available after logging in or by clicking one of the 2 links.


18th September 2007:  Some information for users of Microsoft Office 2007. Please be aware that the 2007 versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint save files in a new file format, e.g. word files have a .docx extension instead of .doc. If you always want to save to the old .doc format, please do the following. Click on the large round office button on the top left of Word , then click on Word Options, click on Save on the left pane, then click on the down triangle beside Save files in this format, click on Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc). Repeat the same procedure for Excel and PowerPoint if required. Please note that older versions of Office can download an add-in to read the new 2007 file formats, the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack.

Please also note that Office 2007 can now save files directly to the pdf format (i.e Adobe Acrobat is not required for this operation). To do this please install Microsoft's SaveAsPDFandXPS file.


14th September 2007:  

Prof. Brian Jennings has retired. We wish him the very best in his retirement. (Photo: Tomás Tyner, UCC)


14th September 2007:  A new web site has been developed for all First Year Chemistry students.


15th August 2007 : Chemistry's Head of Department Prof. Anita Maguire is to lead a research team for the development of a new cancer drug, see UCC's Latest News.


29th June 2007 :  Some information on the Changeover to the new UCC email server.


28th June 2007 :  Congratulations to John O'Callaghan (Lab 115) for winning best physical chemistry presentation at  this years Irish Universities Research Colloquium on the 15th June, with a talk entitled "Swelling Liquid Crystal Films".  John won a highly artful unique bronze statue and a substantial undisclosed volume of money.  Congratulations to John, lab 115 and supervisor Justin Holmes on this excellent achievement.

8th June 2007: 

After 48 years of service in UCC, Chemistry's chief technician John Caffrey has retired. 

It was one of the largest occasions in recent times. We wish John all the very best on his retirement.

(Photo taken by Tomás Tyner, UCC)



10th May 2007:  Congratulations to Dawn Griffin (again, see below) for winning second prize in this year's Science Speak competition which was held last week at the Royal Dublin Society. Read the Irish Times article.



3rd May 2007: