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Sean joined the Department in MAY 1961. Prior to this he worked in the Laboratory of the Cork Milling Company. One could argue that Sean has three great loves in his life...............
  • Pauline and family Regina, Ciaran and Brian  and now he has Grandchildren
  • The other two were the Chemistry Departmentand Douglas G.A.A. Club where he was Runai for 38 years. His priorities could change depending on how well the teams were doingin the various competitions

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When Sean started in Chemistry the total population was approx. 1,400 . Today it is approx. 14,000. Changes that have occured during Sean's time at U.C.C include  ~   the site being cleared and prepared for the New Science Building.   ~ Sean played many matches down in the quarry where the Boole Library is now situated   ~ The completionof the Food Science Technology Building, The demolotion of the Creamery (Geography Car Park ).  In Seans early days in College, Parking was not a problem. You could on your fingers the number of Cars that were around in the early days.    ~    Solvents and chemicals were delivered by Horse and Cart. Sean would remove the wooden crates from the back while the delivery man tried to keep the horse quite by feeding him abagful of oates    ~   Large sacks of Ice were required for the B.Sc practicles Examswere delivered to the Dept in a similiar fashion from a down town cold store    The tremendous growth of the Dept under Leslie Scott in the sixties brought additional responsibilities including the recruitment of new staff Seans claim to fame is that he gave Derry Kearney a start . The preparation and carrying out of the first year lecture demonstrations were in fact a form of Chemistry Magic Show. In relation to magic, Sean would always produce the magic of tickets for the All Ireland . He is thought to have as many tickets as Croke Park themselves.

Sean it has been an honour and a prvilege to have worked with you all these years             JOHN CAFFREY





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