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17th December 2003:  Photos from the 4th Year Poster Session 2003* are available on the Intranet. The winners: Julie Erics , Ruth Hanley   and Breda Doyle Congratulations! *sponsored by Lilly (Kinsale, Co. Cork).


YES, it did happen again: Cheese and Wine 2003  




JUSTIN WALKS ON ......... CUSTARD ???/??? 




1st December 2003:  Photos from the Analytical Xmas Dinner 2003   and John Tobin Quiz 2003

 can be viewed only within UCC. Congratulations to Cormac O'Laoire (lab 344) and his team for winning this year.




29th September 2003: Welcome to all new students to the Chemistry Department. See the Undergraduate section for course information, lecture notes, practical timetables, old exams and much more ...

18th September 2003: The Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility (ABCRF) have launched a new website.

16th September 2003: For incoming Science 4 Chemistry students - next sessions Projects are being posted as they become available. Please follow link at the end of the  '4th Year' page.

26th August 2003:  Please book your Intel laboratory requirements!  Click here for time table 2003-2004.  Send requests stating time and dates, module number, lecturer/demonstrator and contact details to


10th July 2003:  Changes to 3rd Year Elective Module Choices; Rules on progressing from 3rd Year to 4th Year; and the selection of Optional Modules in 4th Year have been posted.    See under relevant Undergraduate heading in the panel on the left.


18th June 2003:  Name the Nobel Prizewinners:

The first person to name both the Nobel Prize winners in this photograph PLUS the pictured UCC wannabe’s favourite cricket team) will win a major prize.  (Replies to:

13th June 2003:  Analytical BBQ 2003:   i (some pictures thanks to Johnny Ryan and Gerard O'Sullivan)


30th May 2003:    Many thanks to Eoin Brennan for creating the new Postgraduate/Postdoctoral webpages!


16th May 2003:  

Congratulations to Jimmy Allen on his retirement.   click here


April to June 2003:       Promotion of Chemistry   


                                 Career Teachers Day    1st April

                                 Support Service for Teachers 3rd/9th April

                                 WISE  Women in Science and Engineering  15th/16th April

                                 Mentoring Scheme   29th April/ 2nd May

                                 SALTERS Festival  7th May

                                 Access Programme  16th to 19 th June


31th March 2003:   A warm welcome (back) to Professor Chalerm Ruangviriyachai from Khon Kaen University (KKU) in Thailand, who is here as visiting Professor carrying out research in the Analytical Section. Many former Chemistry graduates are now at KKU. (Click a photo to enlarge it.)



Professor Ruangviriyachai is due to return to Thailand in late summer 2003.


26th March 2003:   Class 2002/2003 photo:


7th March 2003:   NEW Materials Chemistry web pages have been launched:


27th January 2003:  The Chemistry Web Server is moving to a new location and will therefore be temporarily out of action.


6th January 2003:  History in the making: For the first time in any Chemistry Department in Ireland First Year students carried out experiments using computers attached to their experiments: Both G34 and Lab120 now have full datalogging facilities with fast networked colour inkjet printers.


29th December 2002:  Photos from the departments Cheese and Wine have luckily been rescued!


11th December 2002:  Photos from both the Analytical Xmas Dinner 2002 and the John Tobin Quiz 2002 can be viewed within UCC.


6th December 2002:  Congratulations to Anita Maguire on her appointment as Associate Professor.


13th November 2002:  The location for Chemistry Seminars has moved to G1, Kane Building.


4th November 2002:  The High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Centre has reopened after a thorough overhaul and upgrade.


31st October 2002:  The Chemistry Department News webpage is now the chemweb home page. This assists the promotion of the news page plus it enables faster access for those who have set as their homepage. Click on the crest to get to UCC's home page. News items should be sent to the host masters.


30th September 2002:  Welcome to all new-comers to the Chemistry Department. Students: See the Undergraduate section for course information, lecture notes, practical timetables and much more ...


27th September 2002:  Attention all teaching staff: A new Course Website Creation package was recently installed on UCC servers called Blackboard. Please check the UCC web pages at


26th September 2002:  UCC has acquired the use of a system that can distribute and analyse surveys electronically. A test survey will be sent to members of staff to see examples of the different types of questions and answers that are possible.


21st August 2002:  A new digital camera has arrived in the Department:  Minolta Dimage X


Minolta's Dimage X is a very thin and very light 2 megapixel digital camera with a full, 3X optical zoom lens. Thanks to a newly designed and revolutionary "folded" 3X optical zoom lens, the DiMAGE X is only 2 cm (0.8") thick. The 37-111mm (35mm equivalent) lens doesn't extend out from the body, it moves vertically within the camera body. With dimensions of  8.3cm (3.3" W) x 7.1 cm (2.8" H) x 2.0cm (0.8" D) and weighing only 150 grams (5 ounces), it fits easily into your pocket. The camera can also capture 35-second 320x240-pixel video clips with sound and 90-second audio recordings. In addition, there is a built-in speaker for audio playback. You can record both JPEGs and uncompressed TIFFs with the Dimage X.




Staff may apply for usage of this camera: Send email to or visit Matthias Jauch's office, room 108, floor 1, Kane building.


9th August 2002: Dr. Clare Smith is leaving UCC and heading for Glasgow. She will be missed by one and all. We wish her the very best in her future endeavours. Photos were taken at the Analytical Summer BBQ.


25th June 2002: The Opening of the Datalogging Laboratories by Prof. Gerard T. Wrixon, President took place on Wednesday, 19th June. The President unveiled a plaque placed on the door to the newly refurbished Laboratory 120, Kane Building, which is the first Datalogging Laboratory specifically for First Year Science Students studying Chemistry. Students from the Access Programme were carrying out datalogging experiments on the day.


Articles about the opening:     Irish Examiner     The Kerryman      Evening Echo

Photos taken on the day (click to enlarge):




12th June 2002: The Access Programme - Chemistry Summer Camp 2002 has started. All are welcome to Chemistry, UCC. Some photos from the first week: Click on picture to see it in large. See also 19th June.


11th June 2002: Full internet access has finally arrived in the Dell Chemistry Computer Laboratory (Dell lab). No doubt it is very useful to have a computer laboratory inside the Chemistry Department:  .


31st May 2002: Photos of Class 2001/2002:


                 Click picture to see large image.

7th May 2002: The exams have started. Best of luck to all! Don't forget you can still check out last years exams at the Boole library or in the Chemistry Intel or Dell Computer laboratories to test yourself. First Year students can also download our very own Computer Aided Learning tutorials and go through the Multiple Choice Questions sections at home.


1st May 2002: Prof. Brian Jennings has taken over as Head of Department from Prof. John Sodeau. Thanks to John and welcome back to Brian.

11th April 2002: Intel Ireland has kindly donated a Mitsubishi SL1U data projector Click for Details to the Chemistry and Education Departments of UCC. The staff of these two departments are welcome to make use of this light-weight projector for their lectures, tutorials etc. A laptop to go with the projector can also be arranged. The projector will be located in the Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory where it will be used for teaching purposes. Please contact Mick Horgan (tel. 3428) or Dr. Matthias Jauch (tel.2457) or email if you would like to use this data projector.

12th March 2002: The deadline for Intel Scholarships is 22nd March 2002!

5th March 2002: The NEW Dell Chemistry Computer Laboratory (Dell lab) is now ready for action. It is situated in the first floor Kane Building, room 124, beside the newly refurbished First Year Chemistry Laboratory 120. There are 16 networked 1 GHz Pentium III computers in an air-conditioned environment. All computers have both CD writers and DVD. Postgrads are advised to use CD-RW media (rewritable CDs) for their thesis. Pre-formatted rewritable CDs can be purchased in the Intel lab. All user accounts are identical to those in the Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory (Intel lab). Full internet access (i.e. outside should be available shortly. A laser printer is also available and is currently free to use (paper must be supplied).

21st December 2001:   Séan Downey has retired.   Photos from the event at the Staff Restaurant are here.

19th December 2001: This year's Lilly sponsored 4th-year poster session was won by Brian Daly and Michael O’Dwyer, both under supervision of Dr. John Wenger. Click for details and photos from the event.

29th November 2001: This year's John Tobin Quiz  was won by Prof. Burke's research lab 320. Congratulations to Pat Nugent , Andrea Ahern, Andrew O'Connell and Katherine Burns:

7th November 2001: Expect short interruptions of the Chemistry web site. This is due to the process of changing over to a newer, more powerful web server.

9th October 2001: First Year Lecture Notes online are here.

5th October 2001: Book your teaching duties in the Intel laboratory now! Check the timetable.

1st October 2001: A warm welcome to all new chemistry students! Take a few minutes to browse around the chemistry website, you might discover more than you expect. Material is continually added, so do check for updates. There are for example two pages with useful chemistry links, try this one or this one.

30th August 2001: Organic Chemistry Meeting - Retirement of Professor Liam Murphy. Click here to see some photos taken at the event.

30th July 2001: The Intel lab has reopened exclusively for Chemistry post-graduate students and members of staff. A viewpoint for observing the laboratory will shortly be installed. When the laboratory is closed a key must be obtained and signed out at the main security desk  'pizza hut'. Please note that new log-in procedures are in operation. Users must obtain a username and password in order to be able to use enhanced features like CD burning etc.

27th July 2001: Chemical Abstracts Online will be available to all from 30th July to 30th August 2001 as a trial. Access is available on all the new ICCL computers and can also be made available to individual staff members.

26th July 2001: A demonstration of Chemical Abstracts Online software will take place at 11.00 a.m. on Thursday 26th July in the Intel lab.. Anybody interested should attend ICCL./mj

24th July 2001: ICCL NEWS: The computers are now set up to the requirements of the Chemistry Department. On the new computers it will be necessary to log on and input an appropriate password. Details regarding this strategy will shortly be circulated, as access and usage rights vary depending on the type of user./mj

29th June 2001: ICCL NEWS: Our 30 new computers are now installed and working. The 'master' computer is still being set up and now is a good time for anybody who needs specific software installed to let us know. Please contact Donal O'Leary (email: during the next three weeks in this regard. Our new server, which will also carry Chemistry's first intranet, should be ready for use at the beginning of August. Exciting times ahead! /mj

18th to 22nd June 2001:  Access Programme: Chemistry Camp - Chemistry Summer School. All involved had a great week. Check out some of the photographs that were taken during the week to see the students, helpers, organisers and sponsors  in action. If you would like a high quality copy of any of the photos right-click on the large photo and select Save Picture As ... Click on a day to see all photos of that day, then click on individual photos to see them in large format./mj

Click here to see Monday's pictures Click here to see Tuesday's pictures Click here to see Wednesday's and Thursday's pictures Click here to see the Friday's pictures

Challenging Times: It's official!! Congratulations to the UCC Challenging Times team, led by Chemistry's Martin O'Connell for winning this year's competition! 


More Challenging Times photos at SIN, NUI Galway.









16th May 2001: ICCL NEWS:  


Over the coming weeks the Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory will be equipped with new computers, kindly donated by Intel Ireland Ltd. After unpacking the first box of the Intel computer consignment, I can confirm the following specification:

Dell Optiplex GX150 Standard Features: Small MiniTower, One 4X AGP and Four PCI expansion slots, Intel 815E Chipset, Intel 3D Graphics with Direct AGP, Integrated 3Com 10/100 RJ45 auto-sensing ethernet network adapter. External I/O Ports: 4 USB (2 front), 2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard, 1 monitor, 1 Ethernet, 4 audio (1 front), Integrated Analog Devices AC '97 Audio with Yamaha SoftSynthesizer software, Dimensions (425x181x447mm), 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Processor: Intel Pentium III processor 1GHz (133MHz FSB) with 256KB L2 cache 
Memory: 256MB NonECC 133MHz SDRAM
Monitor: Dell E771p 17" FST (16.0" VIS) Monitor (Midnight Grey) 
Hard Drive: 20GB (7,200rpm) IDE hard drive 
Storage Device and Recordable Media(1): 12x Max CD-RW Drive
Storage Device and Recordable Media(2): 16x Max DVD-ROM Drive 
Keyboard: Dell Slimline 105-key (quiet-key) keyboard
Mouse: Logitech 2 Button Mouse (Midnight Grey)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP1 with CD, FAT32       /mj

14th May 2001: The "Homepage" email virus came very close to the Chemistry Department. Thankfully nobody opened the attachment.  A video from the head of F-Secure Antivirus explaining all details about this virus can be viewed at        

10th May 2001: The new generation of Intel computers has arrived! Nice black Dell computers featuring 1 GHz Pentium III processors with 256MByte of memory. Further features: 20 Gbyte hard disk, DVD and CDR/CDRW on all computers. Post graduate students will at last be able to save their complete thesis onto one disc. A new dual processor Dell Poweredge 2400 server box with Chemistry's (to be) first RAID system (two 36 GByte high speed SCSI hard disks are continuously mirrored) was also received from Intel. Many thanks to Intel Ireland indeed!        


8th May 2001: Exams for all recent chemistry modules may be viewed at the library from anywhere within UCC.

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