Useful and interesting 

web sites for chemists



Collection of Generally Important Sites:   ( Requires free Membership ) (newly added, great for undergraduates, exams etc.)


Quite versatile Site mainly Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (good fun too):  (NEW)


Periodic Table (Sheffield University):  



The first world portal of scientific sites with listings of science-related web-sites worldwide and latest science  news (International Centre for Scientific Research):


Standard Reference Database ( plenty of thermodynamic and spectroscopic properties of compounds):  


Organic chemistry student resource page (Colby College)


Stereochemistry Tutorials (Colby College):


Things to try out and tutorials - CHIME, Molecular Viewing Gallery, Conformational Analysis, perspective drawings, Rasmol - download plug-ins, if they are not present on your machine (Dublin City University):


NMR basics (a simple introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance):


Homepage of the Royal Society of Chemistry:


Database of Journals:         ( most important here at UCC )     ( Free Membership )


Recommended search engine (not so well known but quite good):


The College's very own chem soc


Search for Data via Formulae





Last updated: 27-11-2001 / AAR