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        PF1001 Material


        PF1001 Sample MCQ       PF1001 Lab Manual        PF1001 Model Exam Paper A   


      PF1001 Model Exam Paper B


      PF1001 A Summer paper 2006     PF1001 B Summer paper 2006



       Eileen Kelly Notes


      Thermochemistry1    Thermochemistry2    Kinetics1    Kinetics2    Solubility  


      Equilibrium, Acids and Bases    Acids and Bases2    Electrochemistry1


      Electrochemistry2     Light and Spectroscopy




        PF1101 Material


      PF1101 Summer paper 2009



      PF2001 Material




      PF3002 Material


        PF3002 Lab Manual        PF3002 Model Exam Paper 2008


      PF3002 Summer paper 2006    PF3002 Autumn paper 2006




      PF3102 Material


      PF3102 Model Exam Paper 2008


      PF3102 Summer Paper 2009



      CM1005 Material


        CM1005 Study notes Carbohydrates1       CM1005 Study notes Carbohydrates2


      CM1005 Study notes Carbohydrates3        CM1005 Study notes Amino Acids1


      CM1005 Study notes Amino Acids2           CM1005 Study notes Lipids1


      CM1005 Study notes Lipids2                      CM1005 Study notes Lipids3


      CM1005 Study notes Colouring Agents      CM1005 Study notes Flavouring Agents



      CM2006 Material


        CM2006 Tutorial 1            CM2006 Tutorial 2          CM2006 Sample Exam Paper 2008



      CM3101 Material


        CM3101 Class Tutorial



      CM4108 Material




      CM4109 Material


        CM4109 Sample Exam Paper 2008



      PF4001 Material


      PF4001 mechanisms to know        PF4001 Model exam questions




      NU1033 Material



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