Email Distribution Lists for the Department of Chemistry, UCC

The following email distribution lists are for use with Microsoft Outlook. For detailed instructions to download and how to use these lists see below.

Chemistry Academic Staff

Chemistry Department Staff

Chemistry Postdoctoral Associates

Chemistry Postgraduate Students


INSTRUCTIONS:   Click on any list above and then click Save.  (Click Open just to view the list.)

Choose a folder, e.g. My Documents and click Save.

When the download is complete click on Open Folder:

The Folder is now open with the file highlighted:



In order to add this list to your contacts, drag (=click and hold) the highlighted file to your Contacts folder in Outlook (open Outlook and make it visible):

You can now use this distribution list for emailing, see below.

HOW TO USE THE DISTRIBUTION LIST: When you want to send an email to a distribution list, click on &To...        in a new email

and then click on the the down arrow in the Show Names from the: box, move up the list and click on Contacts      

Finally scroll down to the distribution list you saved and click it, then click on To->, then click OK.

Please report all omissions, errors and corrections in any of the distribution lists to

mj 03.11.2005