Professor Jeremy D. Glennon


Department of Chemistry
National University of Ireland

University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

Tel. +353-(0)21-4902669
Fax. +353-(0)21-4274097 (Departmental Office)

Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Prof. J.D. Glennon is a graduate of the National University of Ireland, having obtained the B.Sc. and Ph.D. (1979) degrees in chemistry from University College Dublin. Research for the Ph.D. degree involved the use of analytical potentiometry in the species distribution analysis of aqueous Fe(III) complexes with amino acid hydroxamates. In 1979, he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Research Institute of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, to study the environmental and biological chemistry of nickel. Of relevance to nickel carcinogenesis, the results obtained shed new light on the transport of nickel in human serum. He joined the staff of the Department of Chemistry, University College, Cork, in 1982, as a College Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry. At present he is actively
involved in research, industrial training courses and in the teaching of analytical chemistry in undergraduate and postgraduate M.Sc. programmes. Dr. Glennon is the regional representative of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland and associate editor of the journal, Analytical Letters.

Research Interests: 

Active Research Areas

Specialising in new separation methods, research is being carried out in the following exciting areas: 

The research group, has advertised UCC through significant research publications in international journals and by travelling to participate in many important international meetings, such as the International Ion Chromatography Symposium IICS'96 (UK) and Euroanalysis IX 1996 (Bologna, Italy). Our separations group has produced more than 50 papers and presented over 40 conference papers.

Representative Publications

(1) Glennon, J.D. , Horne, E., O'Sullivan, P., Hutchinson, S., McKervey, M.A. and Harris, S.J., "Transition Metal Ion Complexation and Extraction by   Hydroxamate Functionalised p-tert-Butylcalix[4]arenes", Metal-Based Drugs, 1, No.2-3 (1994) 151-160.

(2) Brindle, R., Albert, K., Harris, S.J., Troltzch, C., Horne, E. and Glennon, J.D., "Silica Bonded Calixarenes in Chromatography-I. Synthesis and Characterisation by Solid State NMR Spectroscopy" J. Chromatography A 731 (1996) 41-46.

(3) Glennon, J.D., Horne, E., Hall, K., Cocker, D., Kuhn, A., Harris, S.J. and McKervey, M.A. "Silica Bonded Calixarenes in Chromatography-II. Chromatographic Retention of Metal Ions and Amino Acid Ester Hydrochlorides " J. Chromatography A 731 (1996) 47-55.

(4) Lynch, B., Glennon, J.D., Troltzsch, C., Menyes, U., Pursch, M., and Albert, D. "A New (-)-Menthyl Bonded Silica Phase for Chiral Separations: Synthesis  and Solid State NMR Characterisation " Analytical Chemistry (1997) in print.

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