Dr. Matthias Jauch

Department of Chemistry

National University of Ireland
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland
Tel. +353-(0)21-4902457
Fax. +353-(0)21-4903110

E-mail: m.jauch@ucc.ie



Systems Officer

Matthias Jauch was born in Berlin, Germany. He obtained his B.Sc. (1977) and M.Sc. (1981) degrees in Chemistry at the Free University Berlin. He then joined Professor Gerischer's research group at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, where he was awarded the Ph.D. degree in 1985. Matthias joined the Chemistry Department in 1987 as a research assistant working with Professor Cunningham. He has since been involved in lecturing, management of chemistry practical laboratories, the Mass Spectrometry service and the Intel Chemistry Computer Laboratory. He was appointed as Systems Officer of the Chemistry Department on the 25th June 2001.

Research Interests

Representative Publications

(1) K. Doblhofer, W. Dürr and M. Jauch; Electrochemical Redox Response of Iron (II)/(III) Ions implanted in permeable, polymeric Electrode Coatings; Electrochem. Acta, 27 (1982) 677.

(2) M. Cappadonia, K. Doblhofer and M. Jauch; The Electrical State of an Ion-Exchange Membrane Surface after Emersion from Liquid Electrolytes; Ber. Bunsensenges. Phys. Chem., 92 (1988) 903.

(3) J. Cunningham, M. Jauch and D. McNamara; Adsorbate Activation on Metal Oxides by Single-Electron and Electron-Pair Interactions; Proc. R. Ir. Acad., 89B (1989) 299.

(4) M. Jauch; An Example of Real Time Data Acquisition with a Personal Computer; Irish Chemical News, Winter Issue, (1989/90).

(5) Z. Samec, B.W. Johnson, M. Cappadonia, M. Jauch and K. Doblhofer; Kelvin Probe Measurements for Chemical Analysis: Interfacial Structure of Electrodes exposed to the Gas Phase containg Water; Sensors and Actuators B, (1993) 13.



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