Chemistry Department


Seminar Programme 2002/2003




Date & Venue


Title of Seminar


Wednesday 23th October 2002


G.1, Science Building



Dr. Anne Marie Healy,  School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin


 “Pharmaceutical Particle Formation and Characterisation”

SCI Lecture



Wednesday 13thNovember 2002


G.1, Science Building




Dr. Jean-Francois Doussin

Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA), University of Paris



"Atmospheric Chemistry: by day and by night"”


Friday 29th November, 2002


Room 156, O’Rahilly Building



Prof. Richard J. K. Taylor,

University of York,




“Adventures in Natural Product Synthesis”




Wednesday 4th December 2002


G.1, Science Building



Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick,

Analytical Chemistry,

University College Cork



“Passive and Enhanced Transdermal Transport of Drug Molecules”


Wednesday 8th January 2003


G.1, Science Building



Prof. Richard O’Kennedy,

School of Biological Sciences,

Dublin City University



“Strategies for Rapid Antibody-based Analysis”


Wednesday 29th January 2003


G.1, Science Building



Prof. John Gamble,

Department of Geology,

University College Cork



“Instrumental Analysis in Geochemistry”


Wednesday 19th February2003


G.1, Science Building



Dr. Andrew Horn,

Department of Chemistry,

University of Manchester, UK



Uptake and reaction of gases onto atmospheric particulates: New insights from surface-sensitive probes”


Wednesday 12th March 2003


G.1, Science Building


Prof.  John Boland,

Department of Chemistry,

Trinity College Dublin.



An Atomscale View of Etching and Chemical Reaction Dynamics on Si(100)”



Wednesday 19th March 2003


G.1, Science Building


Prof.  Michael G. Organ,

Department of Chemistry,

York University, Ontario,




Transition Metal Catalysis in Synthetic Chemistry: Mechanistic Study and Application”


Friday  21th March 2003


Time and venue to be announced



Prof. Bernd Wenclawiak,

Analytical Chemistry,

University of Siegen,




Analytical Challenges in Studying Sediments”


RSC lecture


Wednesday 26th March 2003


G1, Science Building



Professor J. Troe,
Institut für Physikalische Chemie
Universität Göttingen Germany


Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Key Reactions in Atmospheric Chemistry, Astrochemistry and Combustion"



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